Congratulations to Professor Peter Enderwick for his 2020 Literati Award in the Outstanding Paper category. The award winning article entitled “Understanding cross-border crime: the value of international business research” aimed to identify ways and areas in which international business research could be of value in improving understanding of the operations of cross-border criminal organisations and in the development of effective countermeasures to global crime. The findings suggest that despite some obvious differences there seems to be sufficient commonality between legitimate and illegitimate international commerce so that the firm-centric focus of IB research could provide valuable insights complementing the policy-oriented approach of criminology. Some adaptation of IB research tools may be required. The exchange is not one-way: studies of cross-border crime also offer lessons for IB scholars.

Enderwick, P. (2019), “Understanding cross-border crime: the value of international business research”, critical perspectives on international business, Vol. 15 No. 2/3, pp. 119-138.